Q&A with Student Board VP of Marketing, Ryan Levin


Ryan Levin, KS WELI’s Co-VP of Marketing, discusses her role in managing branded content and enhancing the institute’s Instagram feed via Student Board Content. Learning to facilitate branding while staying true to KS WELI’s style has been rewarding. Leading a committee has honed her leadership skills, boosting creativity.

S2E10 Marisa Garza: Embracing A New Frame and Navigating Corporation vs Entrepreneurship with Marisa, Founder of KEFI by MG


In this episode, we sit down with Marisa Garza, Founder of KEFI by MG. Fresh out of college as a UT Alum, Marisa found herself navigating the corporate landscape while simultaneously framing uniqueness. KEFI by MG is a unique and fashionable eyewear brand where Marisa fused her passion and profession together to create art for any wearer. The episode also …

S2E1: KS WELI 101 With Your New Co-Hosts Priscilla & Sydney

S2E1 KS WELI 101 With Your New Co-Hosts Priscilla & Sydney


Welcome to Season 2 of the Founding Fearless Podcast! We are so excited to have Priscilla and Sydney as our new co-hosts, and we can’t wait to hear from their guest speakers, who are all trailblazing women entrepreneurs and leaders. This first episode is for anyone who wants to know the ins and outs of KS WELI and really know …