Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott is a loving mom, a driven entrepreneur, and a passionate designer who believes the truest form of success is giving back in a meaningful way.

Kendra Scott is the founder, executive chairwoman, and chief creative officer of the billion-dollar jewelry brand Kendra Scott. Based in Austin, Texas, Kendra continues to lead her company on the foundation of three core pillars: Family, Fashion, and Philanthropy.

She started her company in 2002, just three months after her first son was born, with only $500. Known for her dynamic use of color and genuine materials, Kendra’s commitment to innovation, quality, and detail has brought her from a small start-up to a billion-dollar brand that has won over loyal fans, media, and celebrities alike. With over 2,000 employees, Kendra Scott boasts a thriving web business and over 100 standalone stores and has expanded beyond fashion jewelry into the categories of fine jewelry, home décor, and beauty.

Kendra created a brand and culture that authentically values giving back and making a positive difference in the community. The Kendra Scott company maintains a focus on its customers and the causes close to their hearts, having donated over $60 million to local, national, and international causes since 2010.

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Introducing Professor Kendra Scott!

Kendra Scott was appointed a Professor of Practice at UT’s College of Fine Arts in Fall 2020.
Kendra Scott taking a group photo with her students

"I’m excited for the opportunity to work directly with students on their own journeys to become the next leaders in the business world. I’ve been so inspired by the students I’ve met at The University of Texas, and we’re seeing a real hunger for programming and classes that lift up and support aspiring women entrepreneurs."

- Kendra Scott
Founder & CEO, Kendra Scott
Women in Entrepreneurship
Kendra Scott

Co-Taught by Professor Kendra Scott

UT Austin students gained hands-on, tangible equipping tools for women entrepreneurs. Our case study of Kendra Scott was threaded with cameo speaking appearances from KS LLC's Executive Team, including CEO Tom Nolan, SVP of Corporate Philanthropy & Kendra Scott Foundation; Sheena Wilde, SVP of Brand and Culture; Cheryl Mills Knight, SVP of Creative and Experience, Denise Chumlea. Along with a blend of lectures, experiential exercises, and guest speakers, the Women in Entrepreneurship class exposed obstacles women may face in contemporary society with strategies to overcome them.
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