S2E10 Marisa Garza: Embracing A New Frame and Navigating Corporation vs Entrepreneurship with Marisa, Founder of KEFI by MG


In this episode, we sit down with Marisa Garza, Founder of KEFI by MG. Fresh out of college as a UT Alum, Marisa found herself navigating the corporate landscape while simultaneously framing uniqueness. KEFI by MG is a unique and fashionable eyewear brand where Marisa fused her passion and profession together to create art for any wearer. The episode also ventures into the foundational aspects of brand-building – from the ideation phase to defining one’s purpose and dream customer and the art of crafting a brand that resonates authentically. 🤘💛✨

Culminating with a vision for the future, the discussion encourages dreaming big and embracing the challenges as integral steps toward manifesting a brand that is a true reflection of oneself and the pursuit of turning dreams into reality. 🎙️

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