EmpowerHER Hour: Storytelling During Interviews


Alejandra Acosta, a sophomore at UT Austin, shares insights from KS WELI’s EmpowerHer Hour on storytelling during interviews. Dr. Chela White, Senior Executive Advisor at Indeed, emphasized storytelling’s role in job interviews. The STAR method, focusing on Situation, Task, Action, and Result, helps craft concise yet compelling stories. Audience participation and feedback empowered listeners, while Dr. White advised addressing bias …

Q&A with Student Board VP of Marketing, Ryan Levin


Ryan Levin, KS WELI’s Co-VP of Marketing, discusses her role in managing branded content and enhancing the institute’s Instagram feed via Student Board Content. Learning to facilitate branding while staying true to KS WELI’s style has been rewarding. Leading a committee has honed her leadership skills, boosting creativity.


SheReads Workshop #2 Recap


Lauren Sitrin, a sophomore at UT Austin, recounts the recent SheReads workshop hosted by SB on March 25th, featuring Tiffany and Leon Chen’s “It’s Not Just Cookies.” Participants engaged in a scavenger hunt inspired by the book’s chapters, fostering teamwork and social interaction. The workshop provided insights into Tiff’s Treats’ entrepreneurial journey, igniting excitement for the upcoming panel and book …