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Student Voice of the KS WELI

The Student Board (SB) constitutes the student voice of the KS WELI. These campus leaders set an example across the Forty Acres and beyond. They implement and ensure that the KS WELI’s mission is aligned with student-led initiatives.

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Ongoing Projects / Embolden

The Student Board’s EmBOLDen blog represents the student voice to empower and equip students to become better leaders and learn more about entrepreneurship.

Over the course of the school year, the Student Board released nine blog posts. EmBOLDen is led by Jasmine Lopez, who serves as SB’s Marketing and Creative Design Committee Co-Chair.

Each blog post is written by various Student Board members who share their experiences from events or advice from classes they have taken through KSWELI.

Featuring Blog Posts:

  1. LeadHERship Experience
  2. Information About KS WELI Sponsored Courses
  3. Insight into the Accessory Design Course From a Past Student Turned TA
  4. How to Take Care of YOU in Your Twenties
  5. Common Misconceptions About Failure in Entrepreneurship

Ongoing Projects / BuildHER

Our BuildHER program is led by Vaishali Jadhav, an instructor at the University of Texas Center for Professional Education and 2020 Culturati Fellow. BuildHER helped guide Student Board on a journey during which they discovered their personal values, strengths, and authentic leadership style.

The experience leveraged a variety of methods (data, frameworks, case studies, refelction opportunities) to equip our leaderships with the skills they need to thrive as a leader and entrepreneur through a fender-informed perspective.

Student Board members built the following skills:

  • An enhanced awareness of their leadership style to guide their entrepreneurial journey
  • Strategies to build strong, trust-based teams to create cultures of impact and engagement.
  • Tactics to build meaningful relationships to build trust and drive organizational goals
  • Skills to deftly navigate change to create competitive, innovative, and viable entities

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