Kanthi Makineedi, Laya Devulapalli, and Manasvi Perisetty, You United

You United

I am excited to be part of such a supportive community of women entrepreneurs through KS WELI and to receive support in expanding access to education for so many more students worldwide!”

Kanthi Makineedi, Class of 2026

About the FoundHER(s)

With the pandemic, discussing with my friends internationally and working with immigrant students in the Austin community made me realize that a lot of the students I was working with didn’t have access to the same resources or opportunities which I had growing up. Therefore, I started YouUnited to expand access to education so that people of all backgrounds can have the opportunities needed to grow and discover their passions so they will be able to do what they love.

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About the Company

YouUnited is a student-led nonprofit empowering ambitious students to explore their career interests and develop their passions. We provide students worldwide in middle school to college with virtual opportunities.

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You United

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Non-Profit, Education

Our mission at YouUnited is to spread access to education and spark passion in students worldwide to close the gap between education and aspiration, allowing students the opportunities to achieve regardless of background.

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