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Just as KSWELI is anchored in their values and passion, as is Unity Reality. Together, our community is incredibly powerful and poised to make waves, sculpting the future with our unstoppable prowess toward good. Together, our unwavering commitment to community and empowerment is shaping a world where diversity and innovation converge, and dreams are realized.

Gabrielle D. Duhon, Class of '23

About the FoundHER(s)

After losing everything in Hurricane Harvey in 2018, I really realized the magical power in community for healing. I have always been passionate about health and wellness and helping others, but never knew one concentrated place where I could take care of myself and also help others, so that’s where the idea for Unity Reality came into being.

Unity Reality Founder
Unity Reality founder, Gabrielle Duhon
Unity Reality Founder

About the Company

Your Path to Futuristic Well-Being. Unity Reality is your own personalized wellness space. It is a harmonious blend of community engagement, self-discovery, health and wellness, beauty, fashion, and transformative events. We unite cutting-edge AI technology with compassionate support, empowering you to nurture both your inner and outer worlds. Join us on a journey where the future meets self-care, culminating in our visionary wellness experience.

Unity Reality

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Health & Wellness Tech

To elevate overall well-being through a fusion of community, self-discovery, fashion, beauty, and technology; Empowering individuals to thrive in a future-inspired journey of wellness.

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