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Kim Sennet, Class of 2021

About the FoundHER(s)

When I first worked as a midwife, I worked at a community health center, which offered multidisciplinary care. After moving on to a birth center and recognizing the profound lack of mental health support within the perinatal population, I imagined a place where clients could conveniently have both services in one building. The next step was returning to school.

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About the Company

The HIVE Maternal Wellness Center is in phase one of becoming a freestanding birth center that offers perinatal mental health care to pregnant and postpartum clients and their partners. In phase one, we are operating as an online mental health practice specializing in perinatal mental health care that will transition into phase two, becoming housed within the freestanding birth center. Birth centers are safe, home-like outpatient settings where clients can receive prenatal care and give birth in the same location. With mental health conditions affecting 1 in 5 birthing families, the need is palpable and it’s time healthcare evolved to meet those needs. The HIVE Maternal Wellness Center is the evolution, as it was born out of personal and professional experience. Not only did the founder suffer with postpartum depression after the birth of her second child, she endured years of hearing the outcry of women with unmet mental health needs. During that time, the seed was planted and blossomed into The HIVE. Birth centers improve maternal and newborn outcomes and coupled with mental health care services, the journey of parenthood can feel less scary. Families can have safety and community, where they can flourish and thrive.

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The HIVE Maternal Wellness Center

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Midwifery Care and Perinatal Mental Health

Recognizing the mind and body work synergistically, our mission is to strive toward optimizing the health of the mother’s body, mind, and baby.

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