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Style AI

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Yumna Ahmed, Class of 2025

About the FoundHER(s)

I came up with my business idea during a phone call with a good friend. We were discussing our recent online shopping purchases and the difficulties we faced with them. This opened up the conversation to all the common problems women face in the ecommerce world. That’s when I had a eureka moment — I told her ‘We need to pursue this! Let’s solve this problem!’.

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Style AI founder Yumna Ahmed
Style AI founder Yumna Ahmed with Kendra Scott

About the Company

Fashion is so much more than just the clothing you wear on your body – it’s about how you feel, how you look, and even how you’re perceived by the world. With the inconsistency of trends, the lack of standardization within the fashion industry, and even our own evolving style over time — Style AI is here to be your constant. Style AI is an all-in-one place to shop for and address all of your clothing needs. It is a shopping platform aimed towards helping women find clothing articles that are tailored towards their unique body shape, size, style, and color theory. Using an algorithm, and established methodology behind styling we can curate looks that are 100% personalized to the user. A website and app are currently in the works. 

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Style AI

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Fashion; Technology

Our mission is to create a platform where women can feel empowered about their clothing choices without the hassle of finding personalized looks on their own. At Style AI, we aim to promote inclusivity, and individuality, all while making an impact. Step into the power of your style with Style AI!

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