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“UT has always been a place where I’ve been encouraged to take my deepest passions and run with them, so it’s really fitting that the place where I got my PhD in social psychology is the place where I am now getting support to grow our business, StemEQ, through the KS WELI FoundHER program!  Our company is committed to creating psychologically safe spaces for ALL, and so I am so excited to expand our reach and grow our business surrounded by the resources and community of inclusive founders and entrepreneurs at KS WELI!”

Mohini Tellakat, PhD, UT Grad ‘20

About the FoundHER(s)

I had worked at many companies who had issues with communication which then led to larger issues like turnover, burnout, and forms of harassment. I also have always had an interest in understanding group dynamics and am curious about why problems like this persist even though there have been many attempts at interventions and education on these issues. It took working at a place that had an incredible company culture where people were heard and respected and felt safe to speak their minds that I realized that I was specially equipped to help other companies have the same. My background and love of games led me to trying to find a playful solution to communication issues at work in order to build trust, openness and safety within teams. 

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Founder Mohini Tellakat

About the Company

StemEQ was founded on the idea that having a psychologically safe workplace where you can be yourself doesn’t have to be hard, it can be fun — even playful!

As the modern day workplace faces unique and novel challenges, it only makes sense that we address those challenges with modern, unique, and novel solutions. That is where StemEQ comes in.

We seek to help create psychologically safe workplaces that prioritize mutual respect, working through uncomfortable situations in a healthy way, and treat each staff member like the complex human beings that we all are.

Studies show that the act of play creates a pathway from the brain to the body to create an overall sense of safety. When people feel safe, they become more open to new ideas, emotions, and people and are more prone to prosocial behavior and communication.

Safe communication = More effective and innovative teams!

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Stem EQ

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Using Purposeful Play to help teams get comfortable navigating uncomfortable conversations.

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