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Sophy Rosy Shop embodies the intersection between creative endeavors and entrepreneurship that KS WELI so perfectly represents. As a foundHER of a business focused on fine art and accessories, I am able to have a combined focus on artistic practice and economic strategies. Just like Kendra’s jewelry, my work aims to make you feel that much better in the space you inhabit, whether it be your room or your body.”

Sophia Greenberg, Class of 2025

About the FoundHER(s)

As an artist practicing in many mediums, I was already creating works of art that others enjoyed. I created gifts for family members, and was occasionally commissioned to create watercolor paintings of people’s houses. The pandemic hit, and I figured that I would try to turn my creations into a source of income. I spent quite a bit of time thinking about and deciding what I wanted the overall feeling of my business to be – I didn’t just want to sell my art, I wanted to curate a specific vibe or theme for my business that I could build upon over time. Thus, Sophy Rosy Shop was born: a space for my more whimsical and fun creations to be shared.

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Sophy Rosy Shop founder Sophia Greenberg

About the Company

I originally started this business in the middle of the pandemic, as I wanted something productive to do while I was stuck at home for a year. I’m a practicing artist, and I figured “why not turn the art I’m already creating into a business?” This was one of the best decisions I’ve made – Sophy Rosy Shop, barely two years old, has given me a method to share my art with my community. The inspiration behind my creations at Sophy Rosy Shop is to bring smiles to those who look at my art. The style I curate in this business is whimsical, humorous, and comforting. 

Sophy Rosy Shop now features products in a wide variety of mediums, including paintings, prints, stickers, hand-sewn and hand-drawn jewelry, and ceramics. Everything I make is created in small batches, allowing me to test a larger variety of products with very little waste. 

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Sophie Rosy Shop

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Art and Accessories

To spread joy, give love, and inspire confidence. To improve the lives of others by being a source of whimsy.

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