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Throughout my life, I’ve held a strong desire to make a lasting impact on the world. The prospect of entering into entrepreneurship while in college was intimidating. However, becoming part of KS Weli and engaging in UT’s entrepreneurial offerings has boosted my confidence, while also providing essential support for growing my nonprofit and gaining profound insights into the realm of business.

I’m grateful for the inspiring, supportive, and fearless community of women entrepreneurs who surround me. They’ve already made remarkable impacts and will continue doing so. I’m convinced that entrepreneurship and leadership are my true calling, and I am so excited about the boundless potential that our cohort’s future holds.

Aayushi Mehta, Class of 2024

About the FoundHER(s)

As a child, I constantly saw many people around me struggle with their mental health. I initially thought that it was only my family who struggled with depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. However, as I grew older, I started to learn that every single person around me was struggling in different ways, from finances, insecurities, deaths in families, etc. Despite this, mental health was not something that was openly spoken about or addressed, and there was no clear support for children.

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Project Yellow founder
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About the Company

Project Yellow is a student-led nonprofit organization established in January of 2021 aspiring to educate children about mental health through a variety of unique, research-backed lesson plans, exciting activities, and engaging discussions done in elementary schools, through our website, and volunteering events. We strive to impact students’ lives by implementing preventative curriculum that will be sustainable for years to come and teach children how to live a healthier, happier life. 

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Project Yellow

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Non-Profit, Education, Health & Wellness

To educate, inspire, and spread mental health awareness to elementary school children for a happier, healthier future.

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