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“KS WELI has created an inclusive, welcoming environment that allows me to make friends that support my goals and challenge me to become a better version of myself everyday. I am so thankful to have a space where I can share my passion with others and learn how to take my business to the next level to one day be able to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs.”

Marley Brownlow, Class of 2027

About the FoundHER(s)

My friend was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2018. I began creating beaded bracelets in honor of her battle to raise childhood brain cancer awareness and donate the proceeds to her. I found my passion for philanthropy work, so I started a jewelry business with the goal of making large social impacts in the future. After I began selling my jewelry, my mom passed away from colon cancer, furthering my desire to help those who have been affected by cancer in a creative way. I want to support young women who are battling cancer or are suffering from the experience of a loved one fighting the devastating illness by creating jewelry that represents the strength it takes to cope with such a painful hardship.

Founder with a stand of bracelets
Turquoise bracelets on an outstretched arm
Turquoise bracelets on an outstretched arm
Turquoise bracelets on an outstretched arm

About the Company

One Love Beads is a woman-owned, philanthropy-focused jewelry business based in Austin, Texas. I created One Love Beads when I was 14 years old to raise awareness about childhood brain cancer when my friend was diagnosed with DIPG. I used my jewelry to showcase how big an impact childhood brain cancer has on our society and to raise money to support my friend. I continued making jewelry for my own profit and began selling my product on Etsy and in a surf shop, Board House Surf and Skate, in Port Aransas, Texas.

When my mom passed away from colon cancer, I used my jewelry to honor her and spread colon cancer awareness by making bracelets that said “One Love.” I decided to name my business, One Love Beads, to personalize my business and ensure the name directly relates to my purpose. My Mom named me “Marley” after Bob Marley; therefore, the phrase “One Love” is very special to me because it stands for people uniting to make the world a better place which perfectly reflects my company’s mission.

By creating cute, colorful jewelry, One Love Beads aims to uplift women who are struggling with confidence and body image due to their battle against cancer. We also hope to encourage women who are affected by a loved one battling cancer to maintain a positive attitude and keep their head up.

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One Love Beads

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One Love Beads is passionate about spreading cancer awareness and how it impacts our society. The goal is to help support the American Cancer Society, while also empowering young women who are personally battling cancer or have lost a loved one to this vicious disease. With every single sale, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to help further cancer research. Every bead on this beautifully hand-crafted jewelry represents for us the strength, perseverance, and resilience so many women show throughout their battle with cancer. With the focus on helping cancer patients feel loved and supported – the hope is that One Love Beads will bring them a sense of joy in knowing they are never fighting alone.

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