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“It can be hard to start and build a business and it’s often a lonely process. I’m excited to be part of the KS WELI community as part of the 2023 Fall FoundHer cohort because we’re all dealing with similar challenges. It’s nice to be able to reach out to a peer who is also a female entrepreneur, who is going through the same things and hear about how she dealt with a challenge or to learn a new practical tip.”

Suzanne Brown

About the FoundHER(s)

When my now 12-year-old son was born, he was 10 weeks premature. I wasn’t sure what life would look like after he was discharged from the NICU, so I negotiated a transition to a part-time role at the large company where I worked. And that is when I started to get so many questions about how I made that shift happen as a senior employee. About a year later, I shifted focus to the business that I had worked on as a side gig for almost 8 years. The questions about being a part-time working mother and a full-time mom didn’t stop, whether it was about my previous employer or life as an entrepreneur. I couldn’t find anywhere to send people who had questions, so I decided to create a resource. And interviewing other working mothers to hear their stories was a logical next step, so that I could share more ideas, tips. In those conversations, I kept hearing about how helpful a book would be. And that is where the idea for the first book was born. And the second book came out of more requests from my audience to write about a different aspect of work-life balance for working mothers. Over time Mompowerment evolved into a business where I also help companies become more balance friendly and working mothers (and now more dads) create a balanced lifestyle.

Suzanne Brown
Suzanne Brown speaking
Mompowerment founder speaking at TEDX event
Suzanne Brown

About the Company

Mompowerment helps companies become more balance friendly and working moms (and dads) create a balanced lifestyle. We tap into our experience as a business leader and working mom as well as extensive research and interviews with more than 110 working mothers to get their tips, insights, and advice. Mompowerment shares practical tips in the award-winning Mompowerment books and in-person and online workshops for companies and organizations.

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Wellness, Leadership Strategy/Training, and/or Human Resource Consulting

Mompowernment’s aim is to help more working mothers create a life where they can balance successful careers or businesses and be present in their other roles, leading to more women business leaders. 

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