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“As I embark on a new journey I’m filled with excitement for all the possibilities and the unknown. There is also a small component of good nerves that come with launching yourself into a new business yet being part of KS WELI and the FoundHER program I feel that I’m given a supportive community for my journey.”

Marisa Garza, Class of 2023

About the FoundHER(s)

If you’ve ever attended a recruiting fair or networking event you probably know that majority of the time people wear neutral color outfits. As a UT  student at McCombs I was surrounded by many black and blue suits that I wanted to showcase some of my personality through my accessories.  Having a colorful accessory always brought me a bit of joy during high pressure events and I quickly  realized recruiters would remember me because of my colorful eyeglasses among the pools of neutral colors suits and resumes, so there began my strategy to always wear a unique & bright  statement piece.

KEFI by MG founder Marisa Garza
Glasses from KEFI by MG
KEFI by MG founder Marisa Garza
Glasses from KEFI by MG

About the Company

“KEFI” is a Greek term that encapsulates the art of experiencing joy. It’s not only a word but rather a feeling.  It’s about finding happiness no matter where you are in life. This is KEFI by MG.

Our brand has been created with the foundation of spirit of KEFI. It is the simplicity and joy of seeing yourself in the mirror everyday and reflecting the beauty of your life. 

One of my favorite feelings is seeing a completed outfit with accessories before heading out of my home. Now many might think I’m talking about a necklace or earrings yet I realized the first thing people notice for those who wear glasses are your frames. As someone who loves to dress up I quickly realized that I could turn a utilitarian item such as eyeglasses into an everyday accessory that brought a smile to my face everyday.  That is how KEFI by MG was born. 

We are reinventing  how you frame your face with interchangeable accessories made of to customize eyewear. Currently in the initial stages of prototyping the best mechanism to exchange accessories from oversized glasses; KEFI has been born from the desire to allow eyewear users to show their personality through custom eyeglasses. 

Our second business component is working on designing our own brand of eyeglasses that will allow all users to switch out their lens among different frames.

KEFI founder outside of KS WELIKEFI founder giving Hook 'Em Horns hand sign


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Fashion Eyewear

Our mission is to create unique fashion forward eyewear & accessories. To encourage our community to express their creativity and explore their personal styles. We see you.

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