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Hennariya founder Riya Patel

When I first arrived at UT, I was searching to discover a community that not only felt like home but also embraced me with open arms. KS WELI emerged as the empowering community I was seeking, where I found myself surrounded by inspiring women. The sight of a room filled with women leaders fueled my motivation, creating a vibrant atmosphere that encouraged growth and ambition. A pivotal moment was my interview with Kendra on CBS Austin News and the opportunity to take her class. Kendra’s teachings became a guiding light to my personal growth. Through KS WELI, I not only found a community but also a source of inspiration that has become an integral part of my journey at UT.”

Riya Patel, Class of 2024

About the FoundHER(s)

Being a henna artist, I have always enjoyed the beauty of art and making everyone feel beautiful and confident. I was first introduced to henna while I grew up in India. I grew up seeing how henna played a significant role within my community. As a little girl, I always did henna on my friends. As I moved to the United States, I felt distant from my culture. I missed those moments when my friends and I used to do henna on each other and that’s when I started practicing henna on myself. As a self-taught artist, it wasn’t always easy. Henna requires the art of creativity and freestyling. I grew up seeing the art of henna. While I always enjoyed having it on my skin, I wanted to give that experience to others. 

Riya Patel and Kendra Scott at SXSW
Hands with henna art
Hands with henna art
Hand with henna art

About the Company

Hennariyaa is a venture that promotes the art of henna. Henna, also known as mehndi, is a natural dye derived from the leaves of the henna plant. It is primarily used for creating intricate and temporary body art designs. Hennariyaa brings natural henna through freestyling, authentic and creative designs for body art. It empowers and educates the culture and benefits of henna. More specifically, Hennariyaa shed the light of creativity and culture in bringing confidence through the art of henna.

Hands and feet with henna artHenna art of University of Texas tower


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Health & Beauty

Hennariyaa’s mission is to provide henna to all skin colors. Its mission is to make henna exclusive for all. Hennariyaa also aims to educate and spread awareness regarding henna culture and its benefits. Hennariyaa provides henna that gives women confidence within their skin while giving them tattoos that are significant to their story and values. Overall, Hennariyaa strives to advocate for why henna is for every skin tone.

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