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When I first arrived at UT, I felt so lost. KSWELI allowed me to find my own community and be surrounded by other hardworking, persistent women leaders who support my goals and overall entrepreneurial journey. After taking the KWELI-sponsored Women in Entrepreneurship course, I was able to step outside my comfort zone and give thought towards topics including women in the workforce, breaking barriers, and strengthening my support system.

Khushi S. Desai, Class of 2025

About the FoundHER(s)

As I grew up, my go-to fix for my hair was the trusty flat iron, diligently smoothing out any hint of curls. My parents were in charge of untangling my hair, unintentionally steering me away from embracing my true hair type. The unexpected twist came in 2020, courtesy of my best friend Isabella, who suggested that the frizz I was battling might actually be the gateway to my hidden curls. That pivotal moment motivated me to dive into the world of curl care and learn the ropes.

However, as I scoured various sources for guidance, I realized that the information I needed was scattered all over the place. It was like a puzzle with missing pieces, and that frustration planted the seed for this business idea. I wanted to create a one-stop hub for all the insights and tricks I wished I’d found earlier – a place where people can easily access the wisdom they need to embrace and care for their natural hair.

Hair Space founder Khushi Desai
Hair Space founders with Kendra Scott
Hair Space founder with professor Jan Ryan
Hair Space founder

About the Company

The problem we aim to solve revolves around people struggling with their hair needs and lacking confidence. Specifically, people face a wide range of frustrations from hair issues caused by genetics, curls, thinning, dandruff, hair loss, etc. These issues cause individuals to feel discouraged from embracing their natural hair at a young age, resort to heating techniques that cause long-term damage, and only further continue this cycle. This issue is important because hair is a crucial aspect of confidence and identity, and many people lack the resources to learn how to embrace their hair to the fullest. Whether a person is struggling with their hair’s health, texture, or style, HairSpace would give people opportunities to embrace their natural hair or learn new options that work for them. 

Our platform is a centralized vertical online marketplace specializing in community, content, and commerce for all things hair. It aims to equip its users with several resources people can navigate to learn more about their hair and how to take care of it properly.

Hair Space founder with Kendra Scott


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HairSpace aims to boost people’s confidence and eliminate problems people face regarding their hair needs. We strive to be the go-to educational resource that helps individuals learn about hair maintenance, concerns, tutorials, and affordable products while connecting people with others who share similar struggles. Our goal is to help women embrace their natural hair.

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