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The moment I had gotten into the KS WELI program, I knew my life changed. I am so grateful to be a part of such powerful entrepreneurs and be able to showcase what I love most. Additionally, My experiences being an informatics major with a UX Design concentration has helped me learn how I can design technology from a lens that can help others. I hope to learn more about entrepreneurship and informatics to help change the world!

Arya Eledath, Class of 2025

About the FoundHER(s)

 I grew up in a small town in Nebraska for the majority of my life. I realized that there were a lot of students with potential and I wanted to empower them. My idea was inspired by my 6th grade math class. I had a teacher that helped me learn math and encouraged me to succeed. Within that year, my confidence soared and I started to believe in myself. I learned how the right educational environment can change someone’s life. I specifically want to focus on empowering rural students who may feel unconfident in themselves and provide them the resources and framework to succeed. I want them to be able to look at themselves and say “I believe in who I am”.

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About the Company

Get In the Path aims to solve this problem particularly in the formative years of K-6th grade. This site aims to create a digital support structure for rural communities by serving as an educational medium/hub. It is based on simulating the core aspect of rural places, the bonds of community.

The website connects teachers, students, and parents. Teachers can connect with each other through the teacher blog platform. Parents can communicate with one another through a parent communication forum and students can learn via educational and cognitive building resources curated by Get in the Path and AI. This creates a support network to empower rural students.

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Get in the Path

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E-learning, Education

Learning can sometimes be a challenge for students, but when they understand a subject their life changes. aims to ignite this interest and confidence in learning, particularly for rural students.

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