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“There’s a world of people who believe in you, you will see your work come into fruition when you believe in yourself. Throughout your journey, there will be highs and lows, but how you respond to those situations will shape your character. With the support of an incredible community like KS WELI, anything is possible. Smile, laugh and share your light with the world.”

Josie Bonnington-Mailisi, Class of 2024

About the FoundHER(s)

Throughout the pandemic, I watched the liveliness of the entertainment industry plummet and I wondered if there was a way to change it. Where did this deterioration start? I observed the financial behaviors and the ingrained mindset beliefs from entertainers of all ages. There’s a stigma around intelligence and the performing arts. Dancers are always told they only need to count to 5, 6, 7, 8 and I wanted to change that. Encore Lit was created to provide an online platform that provides the education for entertainers to be able to perform more of what they love with the financial awareness and education to make it a viable career.

Encore Lit founder Josie Bonnington-Mailisi
Encore Lit founder Josie Bonnington-Mailisi and friend
Three dancers

About the Company

Encore Lit is a platform that provides entertainers with the tools to do more of what they love. The aim is to create well-rounded entertainers with analytical and creative mindsets to make a living from their creative art forms such as dance, music, and performance.

Encore Lit founder Josie Bonnington-Mailisi and Kendra ScottEncore Lit founder Josie Bonnington-Mailisi dancing in front of the UT tower

Encore Lit

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Education and Performing Arts

The mission is to remove the “starving artist” mindset and empower entertainers with the foundations to understand how they can make performing arts a viable career. Our platform meets entertainers’ needs and learning styles by incorporating musicality, tenacity and expression in order to understand and utilize finance literacy to their advantage. Although we are a web-based platform that has a strong mobile UI (User Interface), the concept and information can be expanded to multiple platforms such as podcasts, books, investment portfolios, services and workshops.

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