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“Coming to UT, I hoped to find a community of like-minded people. When I discovered KS WELI, I knew that there was no better place for me than here. Being surrounded by strong women who shared a goal of empowering other women and growing in their own fields, I felt motivated and inspired. As a woman with high aspirations and dreams, I fit well with the values of the community and saw my growth through KS WELI. I felt comfortable to network and work alongside fellow powerful women to make a difference in our community. Not only was there support, but also a collective aim to see each one succeed.”  

Rainna Goel, Class of 2027

About the FoundHER(s)

In the year 2020, my neighbor, a single woman who had been disabled for a few years and lived with her caretaker, was left all alone when the caretaker rushed back to her village due to the pandemic scare. I took up the task of assisting her with daily chores. Inquiring about her disability, I learned that she was bound to a wheelchair and thus incapable of dressing by herself. With this insight gleaned from one person, I wondered about the many others who perhaps faced similar difficulties. The realization struck that I needed to think of something innovative to help others in the community facing similar problems. That’s when I researched possible solutions and innovated Cur8ability.

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About the Company

‘Cur8ability’, by Rainna Goel, is an adaptive clothing brand founded in 2020 that brings together easy to wear, fashionable ‘adaptive clothing’ designed keeping in mind the dressing needs of the disabled as well as elderly. Using specializations such as velcro, buttons, and magnetic closures, the clothes are made with an aim to eradicate clothing difficulties and make independent dressing an everyday activity. Clothing is designed for every occasion right from special events like parties to indoor casual wear. During the Covid-19 pandemic, India faced a rush of migrant workers back to their homes. Thus, Cur8ability empowered workers by creating jobs and offering employment to as many as possible. In order to make adaptive clothing available to all, earnings from sales are used to create more clothing pieces that are then donated to NGOs and government hospitals. As a zero-waste concept, we contribute to the environment by recycling used clothes whilst still using fresh garments for fellow production. Hence, our motto remains “Recycle – Empower – Donate”. The clothing designs serve as a tool to empower peoples’ unique abilities, allowing them to become more independent and inspire others towards a more inclusive universal design imbibed with fashion and functionality at the same time. Cur8ability’s clothing is designed to help people feel more comfortable, confident, and mobile as it offers unique methods through which dressing is made easy. Through Cur8ability, our vision is to eradicate clothing difficulties globally and make independent dressing an everyday comfortable activity for all the disabled and elderly.

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Our mission is to provide clothing solutions to the disabled as well as elderly by offering comfortable adaptive clothing as a result of innovative designing and manufacturing using specializations like Velcro and magnetic closures.

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