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“Being a foundHER has been one of my most valuable experiences in college. The power of having a community as a solopreneur is underrated and KS WELI does a commendable job at providing a great communityI have loved connecting with so many different women, and it’s inspiring  to see everyone working hard on what they’re passionate about. The KS WELI FoundHER Program brings together women from so many different walks of life and every interaction I have with my fellow FoundHERs leaves me feeling empowered and inspired.”

Aakriti Kamal, Class of 2025

About the FoundHER(s)

I grew up in a small rural town in India where issues related to mental health were not only highly prevalent but also something I witnessed up- close in my family. Recognizing the lack of awareness surrounding mental health, not only within my family but also across millions of people in rural India, I entered college with a passion to combine psychology and business to create a scalable service that could solve the issues surrounding mental health. 

Cura founder Aakriti Kamal
Cura founder Aakriti Kamal giving a presentation
Cura founder Aakriti Kamal with a check

About the Company

Cura is a reliable and effortless technology to enable a seamless caregiving experience, in order to improve caregiver well-being. Data has shown that at-home caregivers (family members of the patient) experience deteriorating health due to excessive burden of care, lack of support, etc. Being a family member of a mentally ill patient is already  difficult. On top of that, being a caregiver comes with a lot of pressure and uncertainty as they have to navigate information overload and make complex decisions on a daily basis. That’s where Cura comes in! Cura is and AI-enabled software that provides personalized treatment plans for caregivers and patients, and enables effortless care management.

Cura founder Aakriti Kamal


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We enable caregivers to prepare for their child’s future through Cura’s technology, to bring them assistance whenever and wherever they need.

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