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Having undergone the college admissions process, I can attest to its overwhelming nature. I also know that educational inequality affects a significant number of students across the country, making it all the more challenging for students in lower-income schools to navigate this process.  I knew there had to be a better way to get into college, learn about yourself, and figure out what you’re interested in and apply for that than currently exists.  That’s how Collegiate was born.

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Collegiate is a cutting-edge college preparation company offering a suite of services designed to maximize students’ potential in every aspect of their college admissions profile. Our three programs—Collegiate Prep (for 9th-11th graders), Collegiate Achieve (for 12th graders), and Collegiate Elite (an end-to-end high school guidance program)—address the growing need for reliable and effective support in an increasingly competitive admissions landscape. Collegiate is an all-inclusive app that offers extracurricular and academic help, essay writing and college application help, skill building opportunities, mentorship, and more.  Collegiate grooms students into a better applicant overall, and also helps them find their passion, major, and list of colleges they would like to attend. Collegiate is a unique solution that is needed in today’s increasingly competitive college application environment. 


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The goal of Collegiate is to assist a significant portion of low-income students in recognizing the significance of pursuing higher education, identifying their passions, and gaining admission to college. Since there are roughly 11 million underprivileged children, Collegiate has the potential to benefit a large number of them. The aim is to enable them to attend college, obtain better jobs, and discover their true passions. With our distinct personality assessments, extracurricular activities finder, and other tools, we offer the necessary resources to help students determine their major or career path. 

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