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“Back when I started at UT, I was all about studying, taking exams, and getting used to different places. But little did I know, life had an invigorating entrepreneurial journey in store for me. KSWELI, the heartbeat of empowerment, welcomed me into a community where innovation and resilience thrive. UT and KSWELI are shaping my story, and together, we’re writing a chapter of empowerment, support, and entrepreneurial triumph for women. Let’s make a positive impact together.”

Chomtale Chitsakul, Class of 2026

About the FoundHER(s)

COCO DE CHOM was created out of the joy we get from traveling inspired by the incredibly talented artisans in Thailand who make each piece and carry it through this traditional way.

COCO DE CHOM comes from my name “Chom-ta-le”, it means enjoy the sea in Thai. 

My mom and I established the Coco de Chom brand in 2020 during the first Covid-19 lockdown. We decided to use our time at home to do something positive, so we conceptualized and launched our handcrafted line of tie dye kimono robe, maxi dress, and maxi kaftan, which are exclusively available online.

Since we were both born in Thailand, we used the inspiration from our homeland’s incredible beaches and tropical scenery to inspire our designs. Though we live in the U.S now, Thailand will always hold a special place in our hearts, and it continues to influence how we design each of our pieces.

Honoring our heritage and making an impact in our homeland is very important to us and remains at the core of our brand.


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About the Company

Coco de Chom was started in early 2020, based in Dallas, Texas by a mother-daughter duo that loves creating handcrafted tie dye kimonos, long kaftan, unisex robes, maxi dresses and accessories.

Our products are beautifully handmade, capturing the essence of individuals who embrace a free spirit, a boho vibe, a beach-inspired lifestyle, and have a keen appreciation for finely crafted items.

We’re committed to sourcing responsible fabrics and eco-friendly materials for our upcoming collections, for example, linen, cotton, and viscose, to ensure our products match your everyday preferences while crafted through sustainable methods. Our pieces are not just comfortable but also versatile and stylish!

Whether you’re seeking boho maxi kaftans, summer dresses, resort wear, gifts for loved ones, or vacation outfits, we’re your go-to choice.

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Coco De Chom

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We believe the joy of vacation is a feeling we can wear, embrace, and enjoy anytime. Our goal is to delight you with unique finds and remarkable-quality leisure wear that gives you joy and makes every day feel like a vacation.

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