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Ramya Nambala, Class of 2026

About the FoundHER(s)

When I was working in my community to set goals for student learning in high school, we wanted to provide students with personalized teaching; however, teachers were already overburdened with immense responsibilities and trying to personalize the learning of hundreds of kids on top of their already heavy workload is too much to ask of anyone.

After GPT-3 was released, I realized that this technology and new advances in Artificial Intelligence could be the key to providing every student with access to their own personalized learning tutor – and Athena was born.

Athena founder giving Hook 'Em Horns hand sign
Athena founder working on AI

About the Company

Athena is an edtech startup creating personalized tutors for K-12 students. We’ve created an AI tutor webapp that tutors students on different subjects (i.e. math, english, social studies), incorporating students’ interests, using case studies and more. We’re currently working on creating text-to-speech integrations and integrating graphs into our webapp to accommodate for visual and auditory learners. We have set up a partnership with an Austin-based charter school to test out the first version of Athena.

Athena founder


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To bring a personalized tutor to the palm of every K-12 student’s hands.

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