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“I’m really excited to get the support of KS WELI after graduating from UT with my PhD in Psychology. My company, A Better Force, seeks to empower immigrants and women of color like myself, so I can’t wait to expand my business through KS WELI’s support and make it accessible to more people and help them thrive.”

Sarah Seraj, PhD, UT Grad ‘21

About the FoundHER(s)

Early in our engineering jobs, my sister and I realized the lack of leadership and management training in STEM-based careers, which ultimately resulted in inner conflict, lack of innovation, dissatisfied employees, and a lower quality of work. However, when we turned to leadership training classes outside of work, we were similarly disappointed because many of them were simply feel-good messages about empowerment that help in the short run, instead of effective solutions for the long run. Most of the training also did not take issues of equity into account, which made the solutions impractical for BIPOC and other marginalized groups, who often have to overcome significant structural barriers in life. As immigrants in the US who are also women of color, we started A Better Force to bring our unique voice and an equity focus into the leadership and professional training world and help underserved communities with data-backed, practical solutions.

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Founders of A Better Force
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About the Company

At A Better Force, we empower individuals and companies to transform themselves through our customized leadership and professional development programs. Our training is tailored to fit the unique needs of our clients, with an emphasis on well-being, equity, and step-by-step, practical solutions. Being a women- and minority-owned business, we have a special focus on empowering women, BIPOC and the immigrant community, who have different challenges that often get ignored in traditional leadership and educational programs.

We offer one-on-one coaching sessions for individuals, customized group workshops for companies, as well as management and data consultancy to empower businesses. Our personal training topics include building confidence, overcoming fears, understanding core values and other tools for crafting a better life. On the professional side, we offer training on effective time management, ethical leadership and creating an engaged and motivated workforce. Our signature workshops on anti-racism and equity include learning how to be a better, more effective anti-racist ally, finding your authentic voice as a person of color and learning how to counter Islamophobia. Through our data consultancy, we also review proposals and company policies to help businesses be more equitable.

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A Better Force

A Better Force, Empower Your Performance
Education and Training, Consultancy, Equity Advancement

To make the world a better, more equitable place by giving people the tools to transform themselves and their communities.

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