S2E7 Adriana Carrig: Resiliently Spreading Kindness One Bracelet At a Time with Adriana, Founder & CEO of Little Words Project


A new episode is out now! In this episode, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Adriana Carrig, the Founder and CEO of Little Words Project, an incredible entrepreneur and advocate for kindness. Adriana shares her remarkable journey, starting from her struggles with childhood bullying and finding solace in crafting bracelets. Her story of resilience and determination unfolds as she transforms her personal coping mechanism into a powerful movement, promoting self-love and community. 🤘💛✨ 

From her college sorority to becoming a renowned lifestyle brand, Adriana’s inspiring narrative showcases the impact of her Little Words Project, reminding us all of the profound effect small gestures of kindness can have on individuals and communities.🎙️

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