S2E6 Chelsea Kramer: The Inside Journey to Capsule Wardrobes and Women-Owned Success in the Fashion Industry with Chelsea, Founder and Designer of Parke


A new episode is out now! In this episode, we sit down with Chelsea Kramer, founder and designer of Parke. We delve into Chelsea’s inspiring journey of starting Parke, a woman-owned business that has a mission to create high-quality clothing that can elevate your closet, and live with you forever. Her company has been extremely successful and her clothing has gained immense popularity. Chelsea Kramer has limitless drive and passion which has helped her grow her brand into what it is today 🤘💛 

Chelsea highlights all about starting this brand from just denim products and now she has grown to include a versatile mix of clothing articles. Her unwavering dedication fuels her success and has developed Parke into what it is today. 🎙️

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