S2E5 Rachel Lindsay: A Conversation of Mixing Law, Love, and Leading with Rachel Lindsay, Author, Media Personality, and Lawyer on Shaping Her Legacy for Better


A new episode is out now! In this episode, we sit down with Rachel Lindsay, author, attorney, media personality, podcaster, and speaker. We delve into Rachel’s inspiring journey, from initially pursuing a law degree, to making history as the first Black lead in the reality TV franchise, specifically on the thirteenth season of ABC’s “The Bachelorette”. She hasn’t stopped there; she recently became the co-host of not one, but two new podcasts and grew her involvement in the college sports world as well. Rachel Lindsay has limitless aspirations and the entrepreneurial spirit to make them happen🤘💛✨ 

Rachel highlights the significance of courage and individuality, which have shaped her professional journey. Her unwavering dedication fuels her mission to support the community and her dreams.🎙️

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