S2E14 Gabriela Bucio: Embracing Culture and Authenticity When Becoming a Serial Business Owner to Build a Business Empire from the Ground Up


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This episode explores the journey of Gabriela Bucio, co-owner of one of the city’s most popular and fast-growing restaurant management groups, Gabriela’s Group. Gabriela initially worked behind the scenes at several restaurants after moving to Austin more than 20 years ago from Mexico. Over time, Gabriela learned the business inside and out and eventually decided to break off to create her own culinary empire alongside her brother. Today, she owns countless popular restaurant locations throughout the Austin area and keeps expanding. Her establishments combine her heritage and femininity, creating a unique atmosphere when you walk through the door.🤘💛✨

Gabriela Bucio inspires women to embrace their cultures and passions, creating an impact on future entrepreneurs and founders. Listen to Gabriela’s journey and insights on Spotify and Apple Podcasts now!🎙️

Check out the Austin establishments a part of Gabriela’s Group: Gabrielas Downtown, Gabrielas South Austin, Taquero Mucho, Mala Vida, Mala Santa, Mala Fama, Seareinas, Churro Co. and Revival Coffee.

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