S2E13 Bryn Carter-Brown and Emily Salberg: Women; The OG Social Network – Unveiling the Power of Community with Bryn and Emily, CEO and COO of What She Said


A new episode is out now! This episode explores the journey of Bryn Carter-Brown and Emily Salberg, CEO and COO of What She Said. From growing vibrant communities in Denver to revolutionizing referral networks for women entrepreneurs nationwide, Bryn and Emily are the visionary duo behind What She Said. Today, they are working on building a platform for women in cities all over the country, letting women do what they do best: refer to their networks of incredible babes. Through dating app-like technology, What She Said will connect women and non-binary consumers & businesses to build lasting relationships. 🤘💛✨

Bryn and Emily continue to leave a positive and empowering impact on women entrepreneurs and founders. 🎙️

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