S2E12 Natalie Franke: The Power of Finding Your Inner Gutsy and Going Beyond the Comfort Zone


“Go after things and don’t be afraid of sucking” ~ Natalie Franke in ‘Gutsy.’ 🤘💛✨

This episode explores the journey of Natalie Franke, a bestselling author of “Gutsy,” community builder, neuroscience nerd, and “mama bear” for small businesses. As the Head of Community at Flodesk, she empowers tens of thousands of business owners worldwide. During her time at school to become a neurosurgeon, she knew she always wanted to be able to mix in her creative and artistic side to her career and she ended up starting her first business as a photographer during college, and has excelled in many different industries now. Her journey in life and her journey in entrepreneurship has been astonishing and full of courageous risks and decisions, yet she always knew what felt right for her journey. No matter what she lived her life being ‘Gutsy.’ Natalie Franke continues to leave a positive and lasting impact on small business owners and the overall community around her. 🎙️

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