S2E11 Christy Carlson Romano: Exploring Beyond the Characters on the Entrepreneurial Journey from Voicing Disney Characters and Performing on Broadway to Her Evolution into Podcasting


In this episode, we have Christy Carlson Romano, actress, host, and co-founder of PodCo. From being a Disney icon and best known for her roles as Disney’s “Kim Possible,” and roles in “Even Stevens,” and “Cadet Kelly,” to bringing Disney princess Belle’ to life in the highly acclaimed Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, as well as ‘Kate Monster’ in Avenue Q on Broadway. She has made an undeniable name for herself through her various projects in entertainment, as well as her activism championing high-performing youth, but even off the stage, her shift into entrepreneurship and podcasting adds another dimension to her already impressive career, allowing her to connect with audiences in new and meaningful ways. 🤘💛✨

Most recently, Christy, alongside husband and CEO Brendan Rooney, successfully launched the PodCo network, a dynamic podcast network focused on capturing gripping conversations between iconic personalities. Current titles under the PodCo umbrella include chart-topping series’ like Ned’s Declassified Podcast Survival Guide, Wizards of Waverly Pod, Vulnerable, and Fuller House with Dave Coulier.  🎙️

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