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From beyond the walls of the classroom and into a real-life creative studio, this hands-on experiential course will walk students through the steps of designing a jewelry collection through the Kendra Scott lens. The project-based course will encourage collaboration by building team-centered student groups from various disciplines. Students will gain experience by working directly in designated groups, with faculty from the Division of Textiles and Apparel and leaders from the Kendra Scott team. A series of student projects will focus on research, design, product development, product launch and merchandising for a jewelry collection suitable for the Kendra Scott target market.

Watch our Fearless Female Faculty, Professor Kendra Scott & Professor Jan Ryan, talk about the FA2020 Women in Entrepreneurship course during the 2020 Women’s Summit

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Meet the KS WELI Professors

Jan Ryan joined the University of Texas in 2017 as Executive Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the College of Fine Arts.  As an early leader in women’s empowerment, Jan helped to architect the Kendra Scott WEL Institute, with a passion for equipping students in majors not usually considered “entrepreneurial” with the tools they need to become true leaders in their field.

Jan Ryan

Meet the KS WELI Professors

Dr. Melissa Murphy is an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin and one of the Kendra Scott WEL Institute’s founding fellows. She launched and teaches the first-ever consumer products practicum in the Kendra Scott WEL Institute where students learn to launch their own consumer products alongside Austin-famous entrepreneurs and mentors. Dr.Murphy is dedicated to helping women succeed professionally.

Melissa Murphy

Meet the KS WELI Professors

Jessica Ciarla is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Textiles and Apparel at The University of Texas at Austin. As a fashion designer and consultant, Prof. Ciarla enjoys mentoring students and continues to develop partnerships with industry leaders for collaborative learning experiences. She empowers women by creating course structures that include student led activities and problem-solving focused briefs.

Jessica Ciarla

Meet the KS WELI Professors

Lesley Robinson is the founding Director of the Kendra Scott Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute and is a Lecturer in the College of Fine Arts at UT. She teaches the foundational Entrepreneurial LeadHERship course that guides student leaders on a journey during which they will discover their personal values, strengths and authentic leadership style through a gender-informed perspective. Lesley is passionate about empowering students - especially women - to find the best path to their own destination and absolutely believes in ‘taking the world by the horns.

Lesley Robinson