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The Student Advisory Board’s (SAB) mission is to align the programs and events of the KS WEL Institute with the needs and interests of students at UT Austin. Based on KS WEL Institute’s three core pillars: 1) empowering, 2) equipping, and 3) building community, the SAB hopes to be a space where students at UT Austin can feel empowered through mentorship and leadership opportunities, equipped through personal and professional development programs and events, all while building community with like-minded students.

Members of SAB have the unique opportunity to begin building a female-focused future, connect with the Austin entrepreneurial community, and find ways to make a positive impact in the world around you. We believe entrepreneurship looks like more than just starting your own business, so whether you already have a business, or just want to learn more about how entrepreneurial principles can be applied to whatever you’re passionate about, the SAB has a place for you.

If you have any questions, please email ksinstitutesab@austin.utexas.edu

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