FoundHERs // Meet our FoundHERs

Meet Our KS WELI FoundHERs

Founder of Plannr Consulting
Fermata Reeds Founders
Dana Such
Rena Pacheco-Theard
Flora Tenille West
Swetha Tandri
Nikita Patil
Emily Silver
Mentors with Meaning Founder, Rama Hamoudah
Ruang Kolaborasi Perempuan (RKP) Founders
Alyssa Le, founder of Locket
Iffy Ibekwe
Heristic Founders
Alice Hou
Split Shirt Founder
Bithia Dantoumda
Mansi Parikh, Founder of Psykhe
Caiti Ward, Founder of Caiti's Candles
Image of Clocr founder displaying her Hook 'em horns
FostaParty Founder
Machi Founder
Caroline Onwuzu, Glossydaze Founder
November Female Founders - Stories of Austin
October Female Founder, Big & Mini
HiPR Innovation, Featured Female Founder, September, 2020
Sweat X Serve, Featured Female Founder, September, 2020
Thousand Thread, Featured Female Founder, July, 2020
Pocket Punch, Featured Female Founder, June, 2020, Featured Female Founder, May, 2020

What is the KS WELI FoundHER program?

The FoundHER Program empowers and equips courageous, creative women-identifying founders each month who will change the world. Through resources, events, and marketing we are able to connect these incredible FoundHERs to YOU and our KS WELI Community.

If you can see HER you can be HER

The goal of the FoundHER Program is to increase representation to help us redefine leadership and entrepreneurship. By empowering and showcasing women-founded businesses we aim to inspire YOU to find your passion to start or continue to work on your own startup!